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McDonalds, Jack, get health care coverage waivers to keep offering crap insurance (tags)

Analysis of a recent right-wing "Obamacare" eruption. Is the Investors Business Daily seeding sites and spinning stories online.

McDonalds On The Moon (tags)

I believe that the only way out of our current economic and environmental woes is through expansion to the moon.

10/16; Global Day of Action Against McDonalds! (tags)

This upcoming 10/16/07 will be an International Day of Action against the McDonalds corporation, an entity responsible for factory farming cruelty and pollution, rainforest clearcutting, worker abuse and increasing heart disease by serving cholesterol saturated burgers to the consumers and calling it nutritious food! Show your resistance to this fast food megacorporation at a McDonalds store near you!


just a little something to show we still have along way to go

Videoclip: Anti McDonalds cartoons and Rage Against the Machine (tags)

Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against The Machine.

Thoughts on Chomsky's advice about activism (tags)

Thoughts on building a modern movement...

Corporate Spin Doctors Cure Obesity With Well Funded Denial (tags)

I just saw Super Size Me, loved it, and found something funny and sad...

Global McSLow as fuck day - solidarity with Argentine struggle (tags)

A call to action addressed to all McDonalds workers from McDonalds Workers Resistance `McGO-SLOW AS FUCK', DEC. 21st In solidarity with the anti-McDonalds prisoners in Mexico and with the popular rebellion in Argentina

Protest McDonalds (tags)

-Global Day of Action Against McDonalds- Location: 770 W. Chapman Ave., Placentia, CA time: 4:30 - 6:30 Join other activists from Orange County in protesting this ever-growing manifestation of corporate greed. Brings signs, drums, and friends. This will be the 3rd year in a row of protesting McDonalds in Orange County on this date. For more details on McDonalds go to: Hope to see you Oct. 16th!

Protest McD's in OC (tags)

Global Day of Action Against McDonalds - Oct. 16th, 2002

McDonalds Workers organising in the US (tags)

The slaves strike back!

McWorkers support Global Day of Action against McDonalds, October 16th, 2002 (tags)

McDonalds Workers Resistance proposal for the biggest ever... GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST MCDONALDS!

GM and McDonalds bombed in Mexico (tags)

McDonalds and a GM showroom in Mexico were bombed on Sept. 1st. (tags)

The CLF website has been launched.

McDonalds Upside Down (tags)

McDonalds Upside Down

McDonalds Protest (tags)

McDonalds Protest

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