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George, Would You PLEASE Shut Up! (tags)

Are you sick of the Wussy in Chief yet? I know I am. According to David here I am not the only fed up with Gee Duhbya's Testosterone filled fantasies. Read on McDuff.

Duct tape (tags)


Duct Tape Frenzy not so stupid (tags)

Worker Mitch Dudas, slaves away at organizing rolls of duct tape at Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc. in Avon, Ohio. The war profiteering company has increased production of duct tape 40 percent to satisfy the hysterical demands of a propagandized public. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

duct tape isgas permeable (tags)

you will not be safe

A good use for duct tape (tags)

A good use for duct tape


Duct & Cover!

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