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The Best Immigration Law is No Law at All (tags)

The Best Immigration Law is No Law at All

Report Back from Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico 06-28-06, 06-29-06 (tags)

I stayed in Mexico until the 29th of June, and wanted to stay until the 3rd but was unable to change my flight (due to the lack of funds). This is the last report back. Now that Im back home in Los Angeles I will work on translating these into Spanish so that other communities and the people in Mexico that I met will have a chance to read them as well. A friend also talked about helping me turn the reports into a pamphlet. I like to think of the reports as a look into the struggles of Mexico right before the elections.


Mexico - The "Other Campaign" -An Interview with Sergio Rodriguez of the Zapatista magazine "Rebeldia" by Miguel Romero

Reflexiones en torno a la VI Declaración de la Selva Lacandona (tags)

* El Movimiento Libertario Cubano (MLC) presenta a consideración y debate colectivo sus reflexiones en torno al pronunciamiento hecho público en julio de 2005 por el EZLN, en el estado de Chiapas, México.

Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona (tags)

We are now going to tell you what we want to do in the world and in Mexico, because we cannot watch everything that is happening on our planet and just remain quiet, as if it were only we were where we are.

Appeal: New Escalation in Chipas (tags)

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