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Vatican Changing of the Guard (tags)


Yeah But Did Jesus Masturbate? (tags)

So, a Dr. King agrees to look over an ancient piece of papyrus of a certain tested date and qualifies what seems to be a reference to a wife that Jesus might have had.

The Prophet and the Professor (tags)

Liberation theology insists the poor are our teachers and the church is not an end-in-itself. The church that serves itself is different than the church that serves the world. The church that wants to return to the 19th century with little interest in social issues is a caricature.

PROTEST THE POPE correct in saying Pope was willing Nazi (tags)

Myth that Pope resisted joining Hitler Youth exposed When I interviewed Berger in April 2005, just after Ratzinger had been elevated to the papacy, he spoke well of Ratzinger's intellect and discipline as a young man. But he said he couldn't understand why Ratzinger had insisted for so long in so many public statements that no one had a choice but to join Hitler Youth.

Rape the children..Amen (tags)

And cover it up...Amen

Latest Pedophelia Scandal Rocks the Vatican (tags)

The latest scandal has longstanding roots

Tarcisio Bertone- protector de pedereastas (tags)

Un farsante en toda regla que jamás debería de haber sido recibido por ningún miembro del parlamento Español

Christianity without Christ (tags)

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) sought to introduce Christianity into Christendom when the state religion had become confortable and indistinguishable from the world. Kierkegaard like Boff calls us to authenticity in a world of reversible cups and self-righteousness.

The Politics of Pope Rat (tags)

Addressing an academic group assembled at his former university at Regensburg in his native Germany, Pope Benedict XVI launched into a mystifying homily against Islam. At the height of the diatribe, Pope Benedict quoted a medieval monarch who insulted Islam by stating that Islam was both "evil and inhuman."

Contagious or Related (tags)

Not to be backgrounded in world events, the new Hitler youth Pope of Rome, Ratzinger (by any other name) spouted his ultra-right-wing divisionist diatribes to the world today – are there any Muslims out there? Ratzinger’s highly inflammatory references to a previous crusading Pope’s diatribes against Islam were intended to inform the world that he has not forgotten his Nazi past, Ratzinger has left little doubt as to what he really represents – there is no cause for concern, however, as he is in ‘good’ company; neo-cons, Zionists and other ultra-conservative groups welcomed confirmation from the Pope that he is one of them. However, Ratzinger’s credentials as a representative of his God and saviour, the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ, took a severe battering today.

Former Nazi Youth Elected Pope (tags)

This is some background information on John Ratzinger.

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