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Philippine Statements on the International Human Rights Day (tags)

1) Akbayan on the Observance of the International Human Rights Day 2) Workers hold Jericho March at San Miguel in celebration of human rights day 3) Pahayag sa Pandaigdigang Araw ng Karapatang Pantao 4) Another World is Possible! Reject the Policies of Neoliberalism! Protect the Working Class!


he Former beauty queen-turned-activist Maita Favis Gomez died on Thursday from a heart attack, a family source said. Gomez won the 1967 Miss Philippines beauty pageant and represented the country in the Miss World contest in the UK. She was also a model for local fashion designer Pitoy Moreno and was even compared to the British model Twiggy.. She was married to a top San Miguel Corporation executive. But even before the declaration of martial law, she was very active in women’s causes led by the group, MAKIBAKA who picketed beauty contests during he First Quarter Storm. (FQS)

Peasant offensives in Southern Tagalog Despite AFP Militarization (tags)

The Pesante NEWS based in Los Angeles reported today that the peasant movement in Southern Tagalog is gaining ground despite AFP militaization in that region. The PESANTE NEWS also learned that the impoverished masses in the Southern Tagalog (ST) countryside are now organized under a peasant movement with a strong regional center. Provincial chapters have begun to rise anew from the surviving 54 chapters in various levels found in areas with existing cases of agrarian disputes and where the peasant masses are being threatened with eviction. Chapters continue to expand and new ones built on varying levels.


Lumalala ang unti-unting rekonsentrasyon ng mga lupain sa kamay ng mga bagong tipong panginoong maylupa sa Cagayan Valley. Naiilit ang mga lupa ng mga magsasaka o kaya’y naoobliga silang magbenta nito dahil hindi na nila mabayaran ang kanilang mga inutang. Ito ang inuulat ng isang bagong pag-aaral na nasagap ng Pesante-USA mula sa pahayagang lihim- ANG BAYAN, isyu na nailatahala nitong Disyembre 21, 2008.

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