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National Day of Mourning for Animals In Laboratories (tags)

Animal Rights activists take their message to 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica on Memorial Day to protest the use of live animals in experiments at UCLA and Cedars Sinai.

FREEZE for PEACE: This Saturday at the 3rd St. Promenade (tags)

Saturday, July 19th, 5:30PM - Freeze for Peace, a silent protest. Meet at the 3rd Street Starbucks between Arizona and Santa Monica at 5:30 pm sharp. At precisely 6:00 we will freeze for 5 minutes. Parking: Lot #4, 1321 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA right behind the promenade.

(See video of the Grand Central freeze in NYC)

AFSP Santa Monica Walk (tags)

AFSP Suicide Prevention Fundraising Walk in Santa Monica October 7th on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade.

Big Green Weekend-11th Hour film and Green Party Workshops UCLA (tags)

Green Party Candidate Training and Strategy Sessions at UCLA, Aug. 25-26, Plus a Saturday evening event, starting with dinner at Monsoon Restaurant on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, followed by a special viewing of new environmental blockbuster "The 11th Hour" with Q&A afterward.

Santa Monica Came Out to Protest Surge (tags)

Santa Monica protest march on Jan. 11 against Iraq Surge

Green Party at Santa Monica Promenade Earthday (tags)

Green Party at Santa Monica Promenade Earthday


Protest the war for oil!

Peace at the Beach – March – Rally – Concert (tags)

September 7,2002 Third Street Promenade to the Santa Monica Pier. Sponsored by the WESTSIDE GREENS

Midnight Special leaves Promenade (tags)

After ten years on the Third Street Promenade, Midnight Special Bookstore is being forced to re-locate.

Detailed Report on Sunday's Forever 21 Demo on Santa Monica Promenade (tags)

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) joined forces with local Garment Workers on Sunday Night in a spectacular demonstration on Santa Monica's third street promanade; specifically protesting exploitative textile manufacturer Forever 21, but also calling for an end to all economic injustice.

Sweatshop Protest Marches on Santa Monica Promenade (tags)

Taco Bell Truth Tour Caravan and local organizers take over the Santa Monica promenade to protest the sweatshop conditions in the factories of local retailer "Forever 21"

Spectacular Demonstration/March on Santa Monica Promenade. Boycott Forever 21! (tags)

In one of the most inspired and riveting demonstrations in the past few months in Los Angeles, around 500 people virtually took over the Santa Monica promenade this evening with a dramatic and well-received demonstration and march calling for a Boycott of the Forever 21 clothing line in specific, and an end to all sweatshop labor practices in general!!!

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