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We Can be Asian, if Necessary (tags)

Flood the system. Arab Americans are Asian Americans. We Demand Inclusion

Against our highest principles (tags)

Students and labor in solidarity against #BDS

Israel's Genocidal War Continues (tags)


Free Rasmea Odeh (tags)

The latest

Double Injustice (tags)

police state

Facing Urban Shield: A Jump the Shark moment for Bay Area anti-Israel groups? (tags)

Why are anti-Israel groups protesting an emergency training seminar?

The death of Shaima Alawadi (tags)

The death of a Muslim woman is exposed as domestic violence, and the world is silent

Oscar Grant Becomes a Poster Boy for Jihad (tags)

Those outside the Bay Area may not know the backstory: Early on January 1, a young adult African-American named Oscar Grant was fatally shot at a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stop by a BART police officer. The incident was captured on a few cellphones as it happened. The officer has been arrested for murder and there have been several riots in downtown Oakland.

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