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Creative Maladjustment Week! (tags)

This is creative adjustment week!

Boycott Arizona! (tags)

Boycott Arizona until Arizona is given back to Mexico.

American Is Pig (tags)

A perspective on American Obesity

Position Paper On Occupation (tags)

Yeah, yeah! lead you Jewelry matching (tags)

Water can carry a boat, can also capsize, jewelry is the same. Which best meet your jewelry that dress? The following will provide you with a few tips for reference.

Swami's Divine Commandments of the Tongue (tags)

Before any story whispered in the ear is passed on, if it must, it should be treated as the apples for a pie ... first peeled, then quartered, and cored, then what remains is liberally sugared

Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair Accused Of Beinf "Homeland Security Threat" (tags)

Do Not Be Afraid

Are you a nazi/ Milgram's test in Yes and No (tags)

67% of us are Nazis waiting for the call.


Cyclists, artists, media activists, writers unite! Document and contribute to the growing movement.

Babylon comes at Full Assault (tags)

Have empathy for the devil- not sympathy.

Open letter to humanity (tags)

End all hostility, war, terrorism, imposition, oppression, destruction and violence, employed by or organized in the name of religion, politics, commerce, commodity, economics, revolution, greed, exclusion, equality, addiction, favoritism, monopoly, love, hatred, freedom or peace.

Do you Love Your Grandmother? SPEAK OUT NOW against the Medicare Bill - NOW! (tags)

Come on LA!! All those grandmas/abuelinas and granpas/abuelos are counting on you!!!!!

Adolf Hitler did it again - do you remember II WW? (tags)

Does Adolf Hitler sell well?

Do you know these women? (tags)

Do you recognize these women? They are potential witnesses to the events preceding my arrest at the Oscars.

Canadian Human Rights Commission (tags)

Do we have rights?

no resolution... (tags)


Gov Davis Joins Fascist Bandwagon for Illegal Pledge of Allegiance (tags)

KPFA Morning News reported on June 28, 2002 that Democratic Gov Gray Davis is having the California attorney general file a brief opposing the excellent Church/State separation ruling tossing the religious, fascist Pledge of Allegiance. DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR THIS FASCIST GOVERNOR.

Do NOT let FBI/Bush get away with this !! Agent Rowley quips enemy agents at HQ (tags)

DO NOT let the FBI get away with the 9-11 scam. Bush will hide behind the FBI's cosmetic changes to thwart a "REAL" investigation that will show that his administration actually ordered such things as the FBI to "back off" Bin Laden and the Airforce to "stand down" on 9-11 and not deploy interceptor jets.

Are you brainwashed? (tags)

Know thyself!

Do you own yourself??? (tags)

Do you think you are a free person living in a free country? For those you that said yes to this, professional help is highly recommended.

Auntie Racist on Hogs and Tactics (tags)

On McVeigh, Bin Laden and the plump end of a hog.

Do You Love America? Do You? (tags)

Do You Love America? Do You?

Wrapping Up the Election -- From Red Rock Eater News Service (tags)

An aristocrat who is related to five kings, W. has inherited his office without the trouble of counting the votes. It's nice that George has finally found something that he wants to do, but it's a real problem for the rest of us. We are compelled to face the problem of living in a country without a legitimate government. What do we do? Do we break laws? Do we burn things down?

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