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Apoyamos la lucha de obreros de Terrabusi Kraft contra los despidos y la persecución (tags)

¡Ningún despido en Terrabusi!

2000 Election Evidence & the LA Times (tags)

2000 Election Evidence denied by LA Times

Krafty Foods Testing on You (tags)

Click on the link to view flash animation.

Starlink GE corn - Kraft "off the hook" (tags)

Kraft was sued for selling GE corn that isn't approved for human consumption in its Taco Bell supermarket products, but part of the court settlement is that they have to put coupons on their products in the stores. Coupons are a marketing tool - is this really punishment?

AP piece boo-hooing about costs of GM food recall (tags)

are you shedding a tear for Kraft, Inc.? i'm not.

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