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61 Reasons To Vote Against Hillary Clinton (tags)

California's primary can change the world.

Wikileaks Publication of Email To Hilllary Clinton About Libyan Gold and Oil (tags)

Wikileaks published an email sent by Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton in which he indicated 143 tons of gold (as well as oil and opposition to a socialist government known for Qaddafi's charity) as reasons to bomb Libya.

Hillary’s email revelation: France and US killed Qaddafi for his gold and oil (tags)

poster's note: Hillary's emails show 143 tons of gold held by Libya as well as oil were 2 of the factors along with others in the bombing of Libya

Close Confidant's Emails to Hillary Bash Britain's Cameron (tags)


Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo (tags)



The criminals who got away with 9/11 are planning more far larger scale attacks.

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? (tags)

Free the Eagle helped rally members of Congress behind Lt Colonel Oliver North and the Contra cause and lent office space and public relations advice to anti-Communist freedom-fighter movements in Mozambique and Angola ... and Gary Nolan is a board member.

Real perspective on 9-11 (tags)

Can't wait to hear all the right wing apologists humming the same tune.LOL

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