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Fukushima Jesus Christ Return the Sign from Isaiah 28 (tags)

Fukushima Jesus Christ Return the Sign from Isaiah 28

USA plans Dastardly Attack on Defenseless Orphans. (tags)

USA is planning to test Dangerous Chemicals and Drugs on Orphans and innocent Children worldwide. Is there a Body Bag for an Orphan near you? No child left behind.

Santa Ana Catholic Worker trying to be SHUT DOWN! (tags)

Happy Thanksgiving! We should see what we can do to support them and not let the Catholic Worker get shut down! -Sabrina-

The Isaiah Crowd And How Their Neo-Christianity is Killing Us (tags)

Why Isaiah?  To this writer's taste, Isaiah was a pretty bloodthirsty fellow, certainly not someone I would have wanted my daughter to bring to dinner. In separate verse, he foretold the deaths of the people of Babylon:

The Cows Found a Winning Formula! (tags)

Congradulations Outback! You have really made a name for yourself now. When did you decide 'sperm in a sock' was the formula for selling steak? Well the Cows would love to help you move some steak. Free of charge.

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