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abuse act

Charlie Hebdo Fallout in America (tags)

police state

America and Israel: Police States Writ Large (tags)

police state

America's Draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (tags)

police state

Aaron Swartz's Suspicious Death (tags)


Police State Harshness (tags)


Patriot Act still unconstitutional (tags)

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to reauthorize three expiring provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act. While the bill they passed allegedly strengthened civil liberties in reality, the Committee failed to make any meaningful improvements to the Patriot provisions that violate citizen’s basic rights

Newt Gingrich Out Twitted by EFCA Twitterer Making Him Look Like A REAL CLOWN! (tags)

Newt Gingrich's Lawyer Displays Ignorance Of Both Twitter And The Law In Sending C&D

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