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Remembering Jack Kennedy (tags)


Monsanto's Harvest of Shame (tags)


Premeditated Israeli Violence (tags)


Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya (tags)


Biking to beat breast cancer: Five friends on a mission to Mexico (tags)

Giuen Media

What the Hell happened to us, America? (tags)

Please think about this for awhile.

US Soldier: Dead heroes can’t pay the bills! Stop killing us and then waving the flag! I (tags)

Interview with a US soldier who was deploying for a second tour in Iraq.

WWII POW compares treatment by Nazis to US military (tags)

The guards at the infamous Frankfurt interrogation headquarters terrorized us by allowing giant snarling mastiff attack dogs to come so close I could feel their hot breath and drivel. Apparently in Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq, under Bush's military-industrial-complex has learned from the past. -- Ken Norwood, WWII veteran

BATF raided my dad's house They had the wrong Jerry Thompson (tags)

This illustrates why you do not want unlimited power in the hands of Police Agencies. This shows why such laws as tha "Patriot" Act are bad law.

NYC: The Political Persecution of Juanita Young (tags)


Free Speech TV Needs Your Help! (tags)

Tell Direct TV to carry Free Speech TV. Working with activists and artists, Free Speech TV uses television to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change. Most Americans get their news from TV. Help decide what we get to watch.

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