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Profile of a Rigged Peace Process (tags)


Critical Health Issues in Gaza (tags)


The PA is and arm of Imperialism/Zionism (tags)

"Meanwhile, yesterday’s “impromptu” attack on an al-Jazeera office in the West Bank turns out to have been anything but, as local journalists confirmed that the people leading the attackers were PA police officers wearing civilian clothes. PA negotiator Saeb Erekat sought further action against al-Jazeera, insisting they were guilty of inciting violence against him and his family for reporting his involvement in past negotiations, including comments that seemed to eschew the right of return."

The "Palestine Papers" Revealed (tags)

treachery revealed

No Friends...Just Interests (tags)

State Department 's ongoing undermining of Israel's security

Palestinian Elections – Charting the Palestinian Future (tags)

Marina del Ray, CA 90292

UN Accuses Israel Of Annexation By Stealth (tags)

A hard-hitting United Nations report has warned that Israel will effectively annex large tracts of Palestinian territory by ordering thousands of Arabs living near the new security wall to apply for a permit to stay in their homes.

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