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Rhetorical Militancy for a Rhetorical Mass Movement? If Only We Could Make Them Like Us… (tags)

The main purpose of this article is to address the questions of strategy and tactics in the anarchist movement with specific reference to the roles the Black Block tactic, and militant direct action play in our movement.

5:00 pm, O-22 – 100+ Rally at Anti Police State Protest in Leimert Park (tags)

Los Angeles, 5:00pm, October 22, 2009 - About 100 people are holding a rally at Leimert Park against police brutality.

France/Germany: Anti-NATO protesters set Bank on Fire (tags)

40 000 people demonstrated in Strasbourg (France) and Baden-Baden (Germany) against the NATO summit this weekend.

Greece – Commemoration day of the student revolt in 1973 turns to Riot (tags)

Greece – Commemoration day of the student revolt in 1973 turns to Riot

Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators! (tags)

Protest statement regarding the police attack against the anti-G8 demonstrators in Germany.

Open letter to the Peace Movement From Lloyd Hart. (tags)

Humanity's Greatest Act of Inequality.

Update on M 20 in LA (tags)

Police stage two fake arrests in order to provoke the black block into violence. They failed....

In Los Angeles-GW Bush Brokers Bloody Bucks for Death (tags)

In Los Angeles-GW Bush Brokers Bloody Bucks for Death




ANTI WAR ACTION BREAKAWAY AT ANTI WAR DEMO IN HOLLYWOOD ON FEB 15th Die Ins And Street Theatre. Planning Meeting at Luna Sol.

Join The Localization Lobby (tags)

Localization as the only means to take back our economy and our democracy.

A Left Wing New Years Resolution: Localization vs. Globalization (tags)

This is why it is good to get some union activist experience. You'll soon discover that people are mainly interested in how to improve their lives and the lives of their families first and foremost.

first meeting of anarchist radio collective - l.a. sunday, 1 pm (tags)

first meeting of anarchist radio collective - l.a. 1pm - 4pm sunday, november 24th '02 1405 Scott Ave., Echo Park.

G8 BLaCK FLOP (tags)

apart from their subjective thinking black bloc practice is objectively damaging for the movement

Black Bloc (or not?) in Genoa (tags)

There seems to be evidence that provacateurs dressed as black bloc were active in Genoa.

Re: Black Block Tactics, Respect Is A Two-Way Street (tags)

Groups using Black Block Tactics must work with others in the movement to insure we do not hurt each other or the cause for which we're fighting. NGO's, of course, must do the same.


A demonstrator holds a paper reading " They are the Black Block " as he takes part to a demonstration about the death of 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani in central Rome July 24, 2001. Giuliani died on Friday after he was shot during the anti-globalization protests surrounding the recent Group of Eight summit in Genoa. A police officer alleged to have fired the shots which killed the protester is being investigated and may be charged with murder. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico

Hey, running is healthy! (tags)

Ironic title against that ridiculous point that anarchists -and not only- are running back!

Italy IMC: Report from Black Block action Friday 20/7 (tags)

During the past two days, the expression "Black Block" has been linked to mindless destruction, splits in the movement, and even "agents provocateurs". This is a report of a Black Block demo early on Friday, July 20th, which was part of the numerous attempts to breach the red zone.

Black Block is burning Flag in front of police and bystanders (tags)

No pictures are available of this yet, because its happening as we speak..

El Bloque Negro The Black Block FTAA-SD (bilingüe) (tags)

more pictures of the Black Block at Larson Park, again photo has been modified to protect the humans underneath the mask... mas fotos de los miembros del bloque negro en el parque de larson, de nuevo, he modificado la foto para proteger a los humanos debajo de las mascaras....

The Black Block in SD-FTAA Protest (bilingüe) (tags)

these are pictures of some of the protestors where some of the marchers were members of the Anarchist group who are self proclaimed as the Black Block... faces have been modified not only to protect the innocent, but just because I don't need these violent people on my ass... :-) Estas son fotos de unos protestantes que se auto-proclaman como el "Bloque Negro" o "Cuadrilla Negra" y basicamente son un grupo de anarchistas que se presentan a todas las protestas. he modificado la foto para no solo proteger el innocente, pero porque no quiero tener problemas con personas violentas como los del "bloque negro" je je...

U.S./Mexico Action - Border Stand off (tags)

"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us!"

U.S./Mexico Action - Black Block (tags)

On the spot Anarchist strategy meeting.

LA Times Article re: LAPD Undercover OPeratives (tags)

What if LAPD undercover "scouts" masterminded the throwing incident Monday night?

Arizona-Sonora Justice Alliance Takes On Republicrats; Turns Up the Heat On Gore (tags)

Arizona activist alliance news release for 8.14-15

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