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Millionaires, Mendaciousness, and Miserable English Scores, the false Locke success story (tags)

Orchestrators of the Locke hostile takeover, Green Dot has in Arne Duncan's words 'Cracked the Code.' Cracked the code to poverty pimping that is. Marco Petruzzi is stacking major paper while 'graduating' students with single digit proficiency.

Sept. 20: Protests Around the Country in Support of the Jena 6 (tags)

Watts, Los Angeles Locke High School Students Walk Out in Support of the Jena 6

Courageous Resisters at Locke High Refuse to Be Locke'd Down (tags)

Students in Southeast LA / Watts face brutal criminalization on campus, including illegal searches where police frisk them, open backpacks and seize cell phones, pagers and cd players. One teacher refuses to allow searches in her classroom and is fired. Lawsuits have been filed against the Los Angeles Unified School District and Locke High.

Students At Locke High Demand An Education (tags)

This is the second in a series of articles about Locke High School in South Central Los Angeles, where humiliating random searches are carried out against the students on a daily basis and where a teacher was fired for standing up for her students.

Locke High (tags)

Locke High School

Locke High Teacher Speaks Out (tags)

Safety means protecting what you value from harm. How is it possible to create any form of safety at schools, which do not value their community members enough to treat their children with respect?

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