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Benefit Concert for The Harmony Project (tags)

Artists Unite to Help Bring Free Music Lessons to At-risk Youth in LA

A Chorus Line Returns To Hollywood High (tags)

The "Line" returns to Hollywood, CA at the World Famous Hollywood High Auditorium located at 1521 Highland Avenue at Selma. On June 8, 15, 16, 2007 at 8 PM and June 17, 2007 at 2 PM, A Chorus Line will hit the stage with stellar performances by the students from the Hollywood High Performing Arts Center, Tickets on sale now at Need more info? Contact 323-461-7139 or email

Leter on runaway production (tags)

In a buildup to this Sunday Dec. 2nd's runaway production rally at,, 1PM, at the Hollywood Bowl (subject to venue change, so check website or further postings)

Letter on Runaway Production (tags)

In the buildup to a large runaway production rally at the Hollywood Bowl- Sunday December 2nd at 1pm

Not News, But Radiohead (tags)

Look, I know this isn't news, but ... how can I keep this to myself? Yes, it's another Radiohead song from their show @the Hollywood Bowl. This is "True Love Waits," the last song of the night. Unreleased track, magnificent. JUST DOWNLOAD IT. Should I be posting these here, and if not here, WHERE? [Fan sites do not feature open publishing.] Please leave comment, and enjoy.

You And Whose Army? (tags)

Anthem For a Movement. Radiohead kick out raw defiance of brass-knuckled authority, but with such humility and eloquence, too ... could it be more nuanced and complex? Dig it! From the Hollywood Bowl, 8/21.

The Revolution Needs Good Music ... (tags)

... so here's some. "No Surprises," from Radiohead's show at the Hollywood Bowl. What a lucky find, eh? (wink wink) My apologies for the less than ideal sound -- bootlegging's never been easy. Radiohead digs Indymedia, so dig this.

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