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Boehner Resignation: Ousted by Republican Infighting (tags)


Video: Boehner presented with golden calf (tags)

Occupy demonstrators carried a golden calf to the US capitol. Social justice and self-criticism are our life-blood. Justice is mocked when the interests of short-term profit, banks and speculation are enforced against the survival of humans and nature.

Stop Boehner and Other Corrupt Republicans! (tags)

More folks must better understand what John Boehner (R-Ohio), who wants to be the new Speaker of the House, and other big business Republicans will do if they regain power. Plz share this article, below, far and wide! If the Republicans regain power in November, things are going to get much, much worse! Thank you!

Terror Detention Facility (tags)

Terror Detention Facility

Bush, cheney and Boehner for front line (tags)

They were cowards in the last war but they are brave now.

Bad back Boehner (tags)

Is barve today, like Cheney and Bush.

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