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Israel Falsely Claims Hamas Supports ISIS in Sinai (tags)


More Proof of Israeli Ruthlessness (tags)


Collective Punishment: Official Israeli Policy (tags)


Rage Against the System: Why It Matters (tags)

police state

Ongoing Fighting in Sinai (tags)


ElBaradei Heads Egypt's Interim Government (tags)


Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve (tags)


Tortured in Sinai, Imprisoned in Israel (tags)


Another Mossad False Flag? (tags)


Sinai Torture Camps (tags)


Anti-Israeli Rage in Egypt (tags)


Forty-Four Years of Occupation (tags)

state terrorism

Abusing Asylum Seekers in the Sinai (tags)


Allah Hammers Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the Muslim Bible (tags)

The Supreme Leader fiddles as Tehran burns.

The lost requiem: Khosrow Sinai's priceless Iranian and Polish historical document (tags)

There are gaps in our history, lost episodes in our collective memory caused not by forgetfulness, but by the deliberate policy of governments and politicians. There are also courageous individuals who fight to bring such material back into the public light. Khosrow Sinai is one such individual.

Muslim Scholars and Leaders move towards The World Peace Religion (tags)

A giant leap in the right direction.

God’s Warriors Veils that our World Religions Command Genocide (tags)

Our world religions explicitly forbid world peace and command and reward genocide with great rewards for mass murder in the world to come, but your mainstream media does not trust you to know this.

Yehovah Jesus Allah Call for an End to Judaism Christianity and Islam (tags)

It's repeated over and over right in your Holy Bibles.

The World Peace Religion is the Middle East Solution (tags)

The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion is the Middle East Solution and the solution for everlasting peace on Earth.

How "The Oil Weapon" Will Protect The Palestinians (tags)

After General Ariel Sharon’s 1973 conquest of the oil and natural gas rich Sinai and his massacre of The Egyptian Third Army in The Sinai, the leaders of the Arab oil producing countries presented a letter to The United Nations demanding ”the return of our occupied territories" and cut off the oil supply to the USA, devestating the world economy.

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