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jerusalem district court

Korban Pesach and Israel’s Redemption (tags)

Jews re-enact Passover Sacrifice near Temple Mount. Arab/Muslim world outraged.

Genocide in Palestine (tags)


Dispossessing East Jerusalem Palestinian Residents (tags)

police state

Israel's Lieberman Resigns (tags)


Whitewashing Criminal Fraud (tags)


Separate and Unequal in Israel (tags)


The Greatest Depression (tags)


Avigdor Lieberman to Be Indicted (tags)


Avigdor Lieberman: A Profile in Ultranationalist Extremism (tags)

a rogue Israeli politician

Israel's Open Secret: Nuclear Armed and Dangerous (tags)

Israel's nuclear arsenal threatens humanity

Statement of Susan Barclay, US Political Prisoner of Israel (tags)

At 9 am on Monday, March 10th the Jerusalem District Court will conduct a hearing concerning the re-arrest of the American peace activist Susan Barclay. This is her statement in response.

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