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Venezuela: The error of being Lusbi Portillo (tags)

* The latest demonstration of political criminalization of autonomous social movements by the Venezuelan government is exposed by Rafael Uzcategui, a member of the anarchist collective El Libertario.

Venezuela: Los "errores" de ser Lusbi Portillo (tags)

* Frente a la última demostración de la política criminalizadora contra los movimientos sociales autónomos por parte del gobierno venezolano, un integrante de la redacción de El Libertario expone la posición de este colectivo anarquista ante el tema.

Venezuela: The murderers can not make justice. On the exhumations of the Caracazo (tags)

* Different organizations and individuals from Venezuela with tradition in the social struggles linked to different anti-authoritarian and critical leftist approaches, with whom we have converged at the space called INSURGENTES, set position before the exhumations of the Caracazo.

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