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i am the

La peste émotionnelle (tags)

Imitation, contagion, frustration, la peste émotionnelle...

Si tout est lié (tags)

Peuésie paraphysique...

Le satyre de la satire (tags)

La satire du satyre...

Israel will now have, under Lieberman, an openly fascist and racist state. (tags)

In these elections, Israel has completed the transformation into an apartheid state with an apartheid racist political system.

Executive Job Resume (tags)

This person needs a job. This individual seeks an executive position. He will be available in January 2009, and is willing to relocate.

New Year Sermon (tags)

God waits in the tomorrow. The orientation in Jesus Christ goes beyond all the technical achievements of our time. The navigation system is trust. Thomas only receives an answer because he questions. If Jesus is the way, no one is alone on this way.

Being. (tags)

Pax Cultura.

John Kerry Is A Bonesman (tags)

and cousin to boy george bush...abolish the federal reserve.


Atta boy - sumthin' to really be prouda'.

I am the average American... (tags)

I am the average American...

I am the proud and eternal enemy of Voz de Aztlan (tags)

I pledge to destroy Christian Fascism by all means necessary, using all my strength, all my energy, all my resources, all my intelligence, and all of my heart, forever.

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