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Revolucion y Contrarevolucion en el Medio Oriente y otros articulos de IzquierdaPuntoInfo (tags)

Ultimas novedades publicadas en Izquierda Punto Info

Protest Repression in Buenos Aires, Argentina! (tags)

On December 20, at a packed demonstration of 60,000 a bomb went off to stop the commemoration of the Argentine Peoples Rebellion. This bomb injured 23. We urge you to protest this atrocity today by sending an email to the Argentine Embassy and Consulates in the US.

A dos años del Argentinazo (tags)

A dos años del Argentinazo


Author: Press secretary PTS (Partido de Trabajadores por el Socialismo) Date: 12/14/2002 Source: Press Release

Thuggery by Partido Obrero of Argentina (tags)

Official statement on the detention of one of Democracia Obrera’s (Workers Democracy’s) national leaders that was given to the police by leaders of the Workers Party, after their thugs treated him to a beating with sticks during a demonstration.

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