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The So. Cal. Grocery Strike: A Years Perspective (tags)

Its been a year since the end of the longest grocery srike in US history. Where do we stand now, and what really was at issue? Was anything really resolved? (orginally posted at

Grocery Strike at Albertson's on Crenshaw/MLK (tags)

About 50 striking grocery workers and their supporters picketed at the Albertson's on Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Blvd. It's day 100 and counting. The recent change in leadership (AFL-CIO) will bring larger demonstrations and more community support.

Step it Up (tags)

As the grocery strike goes into its second month, it's time to go beyond the conservative strategies of the AFL-CIO

Grocery Strike - Fight to Win! (tags)

The grocery strike affects all workers. For the first time, a major contract would be without affordable health care. The entire labor movement should fight this, and FIGHT TO WIN!

Grocery strike impressions (tags)

Grocery strike shows So Calif has not moved to the right.

Grocery Strike Solidarity Rally (tags)

Solidarity Rally For Grocery Strike Thursday October 16 1pm Hollywood Pavillions (Vons) at Melrose and Vine. Parking at Musicians Local 47 on Vine.

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