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Obamacare Sticker Shock (tags)


Distribute "Free Hugs for Peace!" at Saturday's March (tags)

This is a project that one person can do in less than 20 minutes. It will bring joy to hundreds and help foster a warm sense of connection and community.

PUSH FOR PEACE stickers in contest (tags) I entered a simple sticker design -- PUSH FOR PEACE -- into a contest. If I win, they'll print up a bunch for free. Please vote for my sticker so I can spread this message. Go to:

Thousands Walk out of L.A. highschools (tags)

High school students in L.A. were part of the marches in the 1990s against the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 and the East L.A. protests against the Vietnam War in the '60s. But Nov. 2 was on a whole different level. In response to the call from The World Can't Wait, thousands of youth--many from proletarian neighborhoods--left school to take political action and make their voices heard. At Los Angeles High School alone, more than 1,000 students--the majority of the school -- walked out, and more than 500 marched to Wilshire Blvd.

Bush Murdered New Orleans (tags)

Print up this bumper sticker and distribute it.

Display your anger for 9/11. (tags)

Suggestion for displaying dissent tomorrow, on 9/11.

Great "Divided We Sit" bumper sticker (tags)

A much more accurate and thought-provoking sentiment than "United We Stand." Plus it has a peace-sign-head guy kicking in a TV, which is just cool.

Help us sue KOBE. (tags)

We are raising funds to sue KOBE for libel, defamation, and harassment.

StopTheWar.UnderSameSun...bumper sticker (tags)

StopTheWar.UnderSameSun...bumper sticker is a fresh image for everyone wanting to display their opposition to our Governments'(UK+US) warring in Afghanistan.

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