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Anational (tags)

Tout est faux, rien n'est vrai, car rien n'est faux, tout est vrai...

Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases (tags)

holiday season state terrorism

Obama and Netanyahu Plan Conflict, not Resolution (tags)

Permanent conflict is US and Israeli policy

Universal fascism, freedom betrayed: What is Mr. Bush doing in your name? (tags)

In every age...the ultimate sources of war are the beliefs of those in power: their idea about what is of most fundamental importance and may therefore ultimately be worth a war. -- Evan Luard,

Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony (tags)

The Last Essay. I am honored to post with my name and hopefully await what respect Real Democracy teaches by its practice in a civil society.

Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony (tags)

As of yesterday on CounterPunch at: there is a 13-page Said excerpt from the book ‘The Politics of Anti-Semitism’, from which further extracts below: --------------------------------------------------------

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