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One Year after Lehman: It's Business as usual Again for Wall Street (tags)

The world has suffered an estimated $15 trillion loss of wealth or almost 35 times the German national budget. Can capitalism learn from its mistakes? If the rules of the game are not changed, the world could soon be on the brink of disaster again.

Chicago Boys' Curse Comes Home to Wall Street (tags)

The famous school of economics at the University of Chicago led by the late Milton Friedman spread its market fundamentalism worldwide. Greed, selfishness, individualism and short-termism were conflated with freedom and democracy and elevated to the status of moral philosophy.

After defeating pro-war incumbent Lieberman, Lamont reassures Wall Street (tags)

The victory of multi-millionaire cable executive Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary August 8 has produced paroxysms of uncritical celebration in liberal publications like the Nation and from groups like, which campaigned heavily for Lamont and against incumbent senator Joseph Lieberman.

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