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For US Citizens Article on Medicaid Enrollment 2016 (tags)

page A2 Feb 1 2016 Wall Street Journal Medicaid and US citizens that are eligible but do not get any cards or visists

Lynne Stewart Given "Fighter for Justice" Award (tags)

one of many she's gotten

fake id (tags)

An article on fake Id

(2) Photos: Vons strike in the Palm, Mar Vista and Marina Del Rey area (tags)

Vons strikers fight against health benefits cuts. They ask the public to support the strike by finding other shopping alternatives than Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs (Check the Daily News Article on the strike),1413,200~20954~1693253,00.html

US Air Force subliminal broadcasting (tags)

Interesting article on the US Air Force use of subliminal broadcasting with the EC-130E aircraft:

Portland Indymedia Reports on FBI Frame Up (tags)

Portland Indymedia Center is reporting on the apparent frameup of an activist. Tre Arrow was becoming increasingly more effective until the FBI stopped him with indictments that many local activists believe are a set up.

OC Weekly article on the LB Infoshop raid (tags)

OC Weekly article on the recent Long Beach Infoshop raid

Response to ISO ‘Democracy or consensus?’ article on anti-war conferences (tags)

In an article on the controversial student anti-war conferences, ‘How will the antiwar movement debate the way forward? Democracy or consensus?’ (Page 8, November 30, 2001 Socialist Worker), the ISO lays out their ideas on what are the important issues that arose out of the conferences. Ann, a Southern California student who attended the West Coast regional conference at UC Berkeley, responds directly to the article. Saying the real issue is not “Democracy vs. Consensus,” as the ISO states, but in her opinion how the ISO behaved. Her response is directly inserted into the article below.

Register article on the nazi protest (tags)

Register writes a small article on the protests

Reaction to LA Weekly Article on (tags)

REaction to LA Weekly article on

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