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The Largest Food Not Bombs Ever! Discussion & Thoughts. (tags)

The 2010 Hempstead Food Share Bonanza was the largest Food Not Bombs ever and the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever! On that day over 30,000 pounds of food was shared with thousands of people, and Long Island Food Not Bombs followed this with nearly a dozen consecutive Thanksgiving events throughout the rest of the week, sharing a total of nearly 55,000 pounds of groceries in 5 days!

UFCW Delivers Food to Locked Out Miners in Desert (tags)

In a strong show of solidarity, the UFCW (the retail stores and food union) delivered 500 bags of groceries to miners who have been locked out of their jobs by their boss, Rio Tinto.

Photos: SHOP AND AWE...again (tags)

Seventeen supporters of the strikers entered a Pavilions supermarket, filled their cart to the brim, had their groceries bagged, and walked away without their groceries and without paying for them.

(2) Photos: Mar Vista NPJ Joins the Food Fight! (tags)

Eleven people from the Mar Vista Neighbors for Peace and Justice entered the Vons store in Mar Vista at 2 PM. They filled their cart to the brim, got their groceries bagged, left them and walked away without paying the scabs. Outside 50 strikers from different stores came to support this direct action. Many people at the scene pledged to organize similar actions in the near future.

Don't cross the picket line! (tags)

Stock up on groceries now...California Grocery clerks will most likely stike by the end of this week.

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