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Recount the vote - eyes on the swing states (tags)

The only way we will know if our votes were fully and accurately counted, is to demand recounts in every state possible. While recounts aren't likely to overturn the result, they are absolutely necessary in order to preserve our democracy.

Miami-Herald, Knight Ridder, and the Bush#t Continues (tags)

The Imposter thinks he can garner support by playing hard ball with the Chinese over some stupid, fabricated spy-plane incident. Meanwhile, in the land of the fleeced...

COUP WATCH: Bush Seeks To Block Hand Recounts, Thwarting More Accurate Count (tags)

After days of attacking Democrats for considering going to court, the Bush campaign went to court itself, seeking to block a hand recount, which would produce a more accurate total. Reporter has first-hand experience with hand recounts & critiques AP's biased and/or ignorant reporting.

COUP WATCH: Bush Lead Shrinks to 362 Votes In Florida (tags)

Media tabulations of county-by-county recounts put the Bush lead at just 362 votes, with 3 counties left to report. Overseas & absentee ballots won't be fully counted till NEXT Thursday.

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