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It Can’t Happen Here! Oh Yes It Can! (tags)

CoronaVirus Pandemic, Growing Anti-Semitism, Economic Collapse; What Will It Take To Become Jew-woke, And Move Back to the Homeland, To Israel?

Who Says It Can't Happen Here? (tags)

We have endured 40 years of creeping authoritarianism and it now appears that it may run right over democracy. We must resist and act in solidarity.

US Electoral Postmortems (tags)


Ukraine's Fascist Roots (tags)


Fascism in America (tags)


Hard Right Extremism in America and Europe (tags)


Congressmember Davis Speaks at Orderly Town-Hall Meeting (tags)

Elsewhere in the country Democratic Congressmembers are being heckled and sometimes driven off the stage when they try to hold town-hall meetings to explain the health-care reform bill the House is currently debating. Not in San Diego August 11, where Congressmember Susan Davis was able to hold a meeting in peace and discuss the issue in a polite, civil manner. This was largely due to the strategy of the sponsoring organization, the Hillcrest Town Council, which admitted their own members and Hillcrest residents first -- thereby assuring Davis a mostly liberal audience that wouldn't try to disrupt her meeting.

Reviewing Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt:" Part V (tags)

Part V of Federal Reserve plunder

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade - A Profile in Courage, Honor and Hope (tags)

The story of anti-fascist freedom fighters.

Mobilize or die with a whimper. (tags)

Malcom X was right on the mark “The chickens have come home to roost.” This statement was in response to the Public assassination of JFK. We need to take a less than cowardly approach to the reign of murder that the real rulers of the world are laying down as a bloody blanket across the peoples of the world. Their hands, covered with the blood of innocents, are evident in the ruthless acquisition of personal wealth and power and indeed will come to visit itself upon us despite the soothing lies promulgated through the media to lull us or deceive us into believing this can't happen here with the obscene weapons developed in the black budget labs funded through our own taxes.

COUP WATCH: Trust The People Rally In Westwood-One of Dozens Across the Nation (tags)

Organized almost entirely over the internet (I know there were some cell phone calls!) Trust The People turned out a decidedly mainstream leaderless protest in Westwood Saturday afternoon.

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