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LA Supports War-Injured Children of Iraq - Asra'a Visits Venice (tags)

At nine years old Asra'a Mizyad lost her arm to a U.S. bomb falling on Iraq. This week she brought hope for reconciliation between our people, united in a fight for a just peace.


Activist DICK GREGORY told this weekend's Dalas conference on domestic assassinations, "We have the power".

LA IMC TV: The Growing Anti-War Movement on Friday at 6pm on Adelphia Ch. 77 (tags)

LA IMC TV "The Growing Anti-War Movement" will be on Adelphia Channel 77 on Friday September 27, 2002 at 6pm.*

Come on out and support Denise Robb's Campaign (tags)

Let's get out there and help elect a Green, and a lifelong activist, to the LA City Council in Tuesday's Fourth Council District election. I received the following impassioned call to support Denise Robb's campaign via e-mail.

ElectionDayLA (tags)

As repellant as our representative democracy is (and has become), it still behooves activists to vote.

October 22 (tags)

This shot is looking south on Los Angeles Street. After the charge by the mounted police, they have turned the protesters around the corner from 1st Street. The man in the red shirt in the center is Ralph Cole, the videographer of JusticeVision. Ralph took a police club to the face, splitting his chin. When he went to the police for medical assisstance, he was arrested.

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