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Here's looking at you, kid. (tags)

Shocked, very shocked.

Shocked and awed into `freedom' (tags)

Two years after being shocked and awed into `freedom', freedom on the ground is a meaningless concept for large swathes of the Iraqi population. Sunnis and Shiites alike tell Asia Times Online of a brutalization of everyday life.

Photos of Downtown rally, incl. Michelle Shocked, Ron Kovic (tags)

Photos from the march and rally Downtown, March 30, 2003, incl. photos of Michelle Shocked and Ron Kovic. See for more.

Why Are We Shocked By Enron? (tags)

Why are we shocked by Enron? ... Corporate Media covered it up for years!

Nader Rally in LongBeach Nov. 3rd ;8PM (tags)

Ralph Nader with Special Guests: Phil Donahue, Patti Smith, Michele Shocked Tom Tomorrow, Jackson Browne, and more

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