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Du rififi dans le rififi (tags)

Mondialisation du rififi...

Du rififi dns le rififi (tags)

Mondialisation du rififi...

DEA agents mis-handle evidence leading to massacres in Mexico (tags)

DEA agents caused a massacre in Mexico

Guatemalan President Resigns: Faces Corruption Charges (tags)


Reinventing Guatemalan History (tags)

police state

Boycott arab american day festival (tags)

Stop complicity in the Syrian genocide

Growing Thought Control in Israel (tags)

Israeli censorship

3 Local Emergency Protests Against Gaza Massacre (tags)

Three local emergency protests are planned against massacre in Gaza. First one today (Sunday 12/28) in Anaheimat 2 PM. Two protests are planned for Tuesday (12/30) at Westwood Federal Building 3PM and another at 4:30 PM at Israeli Consulate. We must act now, to halt these brutal massacres! Over 200 people were killed in Gaza on Saturday, December 27 in a series of Israeli attacks - with US-made and paid for weaponry - upon the Palestinian people.

A Great Discrepancy (tags)

The contradictions in US foreign policy to various world events and their relationship to capitalism

Slaughter babies (tags)

Bolton tells Olmert it's OK to slaughter babies

I'll Piss On His Grave (tags)

With the death of Ronald Reagan the world will now face a weeklong orgy of grandiloquent of US military power and American Imperialism. Reagan was a cold-blooded murderer, a union busting parasite, con artist, and a good liar. Reagan was evil personified, he can rot in hell.

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