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against the pandemic of capital, social revolution! (tags)

The state measures justified by the coronavirus are a qualitative leap, decisive and homogeneous, in the global counter–insurrection and in the bourgeois intentions to attempt to initiate a new cycle of the accumulation of capital. And in the face of this war the proletariat only has two paths: to sacrifice their lives in it or to oppose themselves to it in order to defend their human needs.

Wisconsin's Spirit: Courage for Other States to Emulate (tags)

worker struggles

The Recession Is Over, the Depression Just Beginning (tags)

America's economy is dire and worsening

Ending Today's Economic Crisis Simply and Easily, in America and Globally (tags)

The solution is simpler than imagined.

New Jersey Senate Passes Death Penalty Moratorium (tags)

New Jersey would become the first state in the 'modern era' to enact a moratorium law. (Two other states – Illinois and Maryland – enacted moratoriums as a result of executive orders).

Don't Give Up Hope (tags)

Electronic voting irregularities could still swing election to Kerry

COUP WATCH: Nov. 12 Florida Recount -- Other States, Too? -- From Red Rock Eater (tags)

Sunday, Nov. 12: The press reports that if the Bush campaign fails in its attempt to suppress the hand recounts of voters' ballots that are provided by Florida law, as seems likely, then they will implement a "scorched-earth" plan involving legal challenges to the election outcomes in Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

California Violates Constitution With Tax Grab (tags)

State of California Violates Constitution Through Illegal Tax on Imports of Products from Other States. Californians Must Protest This Egregious Grab of Power Today.

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