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El Viaje a ninguna parte. Carta de Justin a Le Carré (tags)

Espero que no me cuelguen la etiqueta de Frankenstein por dirigir esta segunda carta a mi autor. Hace ya mucho tiempo que usted terminó mi novela y seguro que no había previsto usted que el doctor Hastings me invitara el próximo fin de semana, en su rancho de La Pampa, para ser el actor que represente las actualidades de Francia y de España.

French government withdraws “First Job Contract,” enlists unions in assault on job securit (tags)

President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced yesterday that new legislation will be drawn up to replace the “First Job Contract” (CPE), which sparked a massive wave of protests and strikes in recent weeks. Leaders of the trade unions, some student unions and “left” political parties immediately declared the shift marked a decisive victory for the anti-CPE movement and signalled their intention to halt further mass mobilisations against the government.

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