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Alchimie prophétique (tags)

Un monde d'abomination...

Fernando Lugo no tiene poncho que lo cubra (tags)

Ya no hay poncho que pueda encubrir la verdadera identidad pol?tica del cura Fernando Lugo

Israeli / Christian Terrorim (tags)

Israeli terrorists continue to commit crimes against humanity, backed by their Christian terrorist colleagues. The terrorist State continues to defend its crimes against humanity while the rest of the world refuses to hold the terrorist State response for its crimes.

Israel Bloacks UC Prof/UN Rappateur (tags)

Before invading Gaza, Israel made sure to blockade medical supplies and food shipments - and also the UN's independent special rapportuer. Adding the the SHAME!

Hundreds of Thousands rally in Beirut against Syria one week after Hariri murder (tags)

BEIRUT - Thousands of Lebanese massed on the Beirut seafront chanting "Syria out" as pressure mounted on the government and its backers in Damascus a week after the killing of ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri.

Muerte del Planeta Tierra-Diez horas con la globalización(google) (tags)

Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google). Autor del libro " Diez Horas con la Globalización"(google, amazon, foro-los retos de la globalización,,, netbiblo, yahoo.....) Globalización y productividad versus ecología –“Diez horas con la globalización”

Two more U.S. troops die in Iraq on Sunday (tags)

Everyday... another G.I. dies. Last night a big demonstration was held on the corner of Hollywood & Highland. It's stated purpose was to oppose the so-called "Patriot Act", but it was also a protest against the ongoing occupation of Iraq. Around 250-300 gathered at the famous corner holding banners, signs, and candles. Many tourists and folks driving by were supportive. Mr. Bush... where are those weapons of mass destruction? Can you hear Tony Blair's government crumbling?

Galician poetic activism / Activismo poético gallego (GZ) (tags)

Andar21 is the galician international poetry review, the voice of the galician poetic insurgency. Andar21 es la revista gallega de poesía internacional y el vocero de la insurgencia poética de Galiza. NON Á GUERRA!

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