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Fbi are human monsters who must be put out of business (tags)

This report on my efforts to destroy fbi reflects similar efforts by others everywhere.

Homo homini lupus (tags)

This report places blame where no one wants it, on Everyman.

Fbi is MAFIA-USA (tags)

Reality of fbi as human monsters is presented here.

To all the human monsters of our time (tags)

This report is directed to the professional killers & torturers who work for the usa.

Making Monsters (tags)


Bush's Megalomania (tags)

What some called good flowed into chaos.. You wil know them by their fruits. Not even the Pentagon doubts that the fruits of Americans in Baghdad stink.

I See Dumb People (tags)

YOU forgot to waive your flag vigorously!


PLEASE FORWARD – POST – IMITATE - PLAGIARIZE Okay, we dropped the ball with this – Ashcroft’s entire tour to date was done within two days of its announcement. But he’s coming to Boston, NY, and Salt Lake City, and probably other places. And the vile lies and half-truths posted on need to be challenged loudly, and often. Preferably by people with “mullet” hairdos.

Take the bin Laden Halloween mask off the Anthrax Scare (tags)

If the blaming of the anthrax attacks on monsters from foreign lands was wrong, will we have the strength of character to also reassess our assumptions about what happened on September 11th, before we drive ten million more Afghan civilians from their homes? If not, then we, too, have joined the monsters behind the masks.

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