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minuteklan down! / obama up! no racism in l.a. rally! (tags)

stop the minuteklan march downtown-- push obama against bush/mccain!

4:15 PM - About 300-500 people now blocking MinuteKlan at 43rd & Crenshaw (tags)

Caller from the scene reports hundreds from the community have joined counters and are still preventing about 45 minuteKlan from entrance to the park.

2:25 PM - About 100 counters Blocking MinuteKlan entrance to Lemerit Park Now (tags)

2:25 PM - About 100 counters Blocking MinuteKlan entrance to Lemerit Park Now

celebrate juneteenth! stop hate march in leimert park! (tags)

keep the racist minuteklan off crenshaw & out of leimert park! 11am, saturday 6/23

stop minuteklan rally in leimert park (tags)

death to the klan!

open meeting to stop ted hayes leimert park minuteklan rally (tags)

we are calling open meeting to determine community response to this professional backwardness.

MinuteKlan Counter Protest Right Now! (tags)

A caller reports the Minuteklan and SOS showed up this morning (Saturday Feb 17th) at Day Laborer Site.

MinuteKlan Arrives In Washington DC, Met with protests (tags)

We came to protest the Minutemen, racism and fascism AND to support immigration in all its forms, no one ever is illegal. We came to denounce the minutemen and stand in solidarity with immigrants. What we got was a vibrant protest that put protesters inches away from Gilchrist, a failed minuteman rally, and a faceoff of good versus sheer evil (pro-immigrant, anti-racist locals versus racist minutemen, klansmen and nazis). Click on the link directly below, to view a video of the DC Minuteklan protests. This is the story of the demonstration against the Minutemen National Caravan as it landed in Washington DC.

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