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Washington and Israel Target Iran (tags)


Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout (tags)


Direct US/Iran Nuclear Talks (tags)


Drumbeat for War on Iran (tags)


UN Monitors Spy for Washington (tags)


Obama Wreaks Duplicity (tags)


Putin Bashing (tags)


Field Notes on American-Style Democracy (tags)


Lebanon's Hezbollah-Led Government (tags)

stability jeopardized

Why won't the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents? (tags)

"But yesterday, WikiLeaks the DoD itself released a letter -- dated August 16 (two days before the Newsweek article) -- which makes clear that WikiLeaks did exactly that which DoD officials denied they did: namely, they asked DoD for help redacting these remaining documents. That letter, written by DoD Legal Counsel Jeh Charles Johnson to WikiLeak's counsel, Timothy Matusheski, explicitly recounts -- contrary to the emphatic denials in Newsweek -- that WikiLeaks' lawyer had contacted the Pentagon and requested help in the "harm minimization" process. The DoD, however, is explicitly refusing to offer any help whatsoever."

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