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Mejicanada angelina rechaza contundentemente al "Presidente" Peña Nieto (tags)

Martes, 26 de agosto del 2014

LOS ANGELES - Decenas de personas de diferentes partes del sur de California se congregaron ayer en las banquetas afuera del lujoso Hotel Biltmore para denunciar al actual presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto, por sus políticas de privatización, su represión a los movimientos sociales y sus actores principales, su robo de la elección, y su impunidad en el caso de Atenco.

RI Regains Mexican Presidency (tags)


Mexico elects PRI's Enrique Pena Nieto president: What's next for Mexican-US relations? (tags)

With more than 80 percent of the votes counted from Sunday's elections, Mexico's federal election institute put Pena Nieto of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party in the lead, winning 37 percent of the country's votes. Leftist candidate Andres Lopez Obrador gained 32 percent of the votes, and ruling party candidate Josefina Vasquez Mota trailed with 25 percent.

Toronto activists expose Peña Nieto’s role in the violations of human rights in Atenco (tags)

Toronto, June 16^th . A group of activists denounced today Enrique Peña Nieto, governor of the state of Mexico, for having ordered a police raid on the villagers of Atenco, on May 3^rd and 4^th , resulting in the dead of two youths, the rape of 30 women, the beating of more than 200 detainees. Peña Nieto was in Toronto for the Metropolis conference of the World Association of Major Metropolises, which is made up of delegations from across the world.

A Cesid agent reveals on tape that Zabalza died in Intxaurrondo (tags)

CESID agent, Pedro Gomez Nieto, revealed to his superior Juan Alberto Perote in 1985 that Mikel Zabalza died while he was being tortured in Intxaurrondo. Zabalza, who had been arrested by the Civil Guard on November 20 1985, was found dead a few days later in the river Bidasoa with signs on his body of having been tortured.

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