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Cuba-Venezuela relationship: What can be said from an anarchist perspective? (tags)

* This text appears in the June-July 2010 issue #59 of El Libertario, describing the position this voice of the Venezuelan anarchist movement takes regarding the close links between the governments of these two countries.

Why is there popular protest in Venezuela? (tags)

* For the benefit of those who find themselves surprised or disconcerted by the generalised decline of conditions in Venezuela, as well as the increase in popular struggle (2,893 street demonstrations between October 2008-September 2009; compared with 1,763 in the same period in 2007-08) – either because they are unaware of the situation here, they are based abroad, or because they always accept the official version of events – we expound below on some factors which contribute to social conflicts here.

¿Por qué hay protesta social en Venezuela? (tags)

* Para quienes – por desconocer la situación local, por estar fuera del país o por aceptar la versión oficial - se desconciertan o sorprenden ante el auge del malestar colectivo y las luchas populares (2.893 manifestaciones de calle desde octubre-2008 a septiembre-2009; 1.763 en el mismo lapso de 2007 a 2008), les presentamos algunas razones para entender la conflictividad social en Venezuela.

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