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Protest Against Racist Attacks In Workplace (tags)

A protest is being organized against racist attacks on workers in San Francisco. There is a national epidemic of racist incidents in the workplace.

Ex-Pentagon Officials Sentenced in Fraud (tags)

Where were all the billions poured into defense were going, given that our kids in Iraq don't have basic supplies?

Student anti-war rally in downtown LA (tags)

Nearly 200 students and others demonstrated yesterday in downtown LA against the war.

Neal Horsley: Necropediphiliac Sociopathic Mercenary or God’s Hand-Picked Deputy (tags)

If the IMC represents any sort of truth jihad, Neal Horsley's Nuremberg Files must be the uterus jihad. Do you think parking lot web cams at abortion clinics is a good idea? Neal Horsley does. For more information please go visit ladies and gentlemen and thangkya.

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