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Hempseed Pancake Brunch Announced in Support of Osburns (tags)

A Hempseed Pancake Brunch and Festival will be held in support of medical marijuana defendants Lynn and Judy Osburn on Sunday, October 5 from noon to 6 PM at the Topanga Community Club. Come one, come all!

Day of Direct Action Against the DEA (tags)

Thursday, June 6th, there will be demonstrations at DEA offices throughout the nation, letting the DEA know that we will not stand by as they attempt to deny patients' rights to medical marijuana. In L.A. County specifically, activists will be present at the DEA office located at 255 E. Temple Street in Los Angeles. The protests begin at noon.

Biojustice vs. Police Demo 7/16/01 (tags)

Photo for story I posted earlier on the Biojustice follow-up protest in front of the San Diego County Courthouse July 16. At left, Biojustice coordinator Steph Sherer talks to a media person. Link below for original story.

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