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"COINTELPRO" U.K.: Exposing the integral role of British human rights "lawyers" (tags)

The purpose of this article is to show (beyond the obvious of why), who & -how- the biggest “Human Rights”...lawyers in the U.K, not only, work hand in hand with, but are integral -to- COINTELPRO style, state operations, in the U.K.

FTAC petition to stop runaway production (tags)

This is a copy of the petition the FTAC is asking people to sign

Unions Split On Runaway Production Plan: (tags)

Sunday's Hollywood Bowl Rally is sponsored in part by the The Film & Television Action Coalition (FTAC). The FTAC plans next week to take the formal step toward implementing tariffs by petitioning the Department of Commerce to investigate whether tariffs are an appropriate remedy against producers using Canadian subsidies.

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