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Israeli Fascist Brutality (tags)


Israel Imprisons Muhammad Allan Again (tags)


Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine Rages (tags)


Reinvented War Criminal Tony Blair Resigns As Middle East Envoy (tags)


Netanyahu's Sham Settlement Bloc Boundaries Proposal (tags)


Israel's Latest Land Grab (tags)


Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat (tags)


Hardened Racism in Israel (tags)


Helen Thomas: Dead at 92 (tags)

Helen Thomas

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements (tags)


Palestinian Liberation Requires Unity (tags)


Calls to Annex West Bank Settlements (tags)


Palestinian Statehood: If not Now, When? (tags)


Israeli Intellectuals for Palestinian Independence (tags)


The "Palestine Papers" Revealed (tags)

treachery revealed

History of a Struggle for Survival (tags)

This is not a book for those who want surface, sanitized, accounts of the Palestinian Diaspora. Ramzy Baroud is committed to truth telling, and his new book will undoubtedly disturb, shock, and outrage his readers. One can only hope that those who claim to love and support the state of Israel will not only read, but study, this important book. Not to make anyone feel ashamed, but so that even Israel's most ardent supporters will understand that no nation can brutalize, indeed terrorize, an innocent people forever.

There are No Monopolies on Suffering: My Israel Question (tags)

"Israel was created as a result of one of the worst racial atrocities in modern history. It was in part a sense of guilt and sympathy that persuaded the West that it must help the Jews create their own state. From the outset, two factors were always likely to haunt the project; first, it involved the annexation of land that was Arab; and second, it implied the foundation of an ethnic state, with all the exclusivist and racist attitudes that this potentially involved."

Killers without Borders (tags)

This probably disqualifies most of america, but this article is for smoeone with the intelligence to grasp its meaning...

Broadcast Your News (tags)

We will broadcast your documentary. Alternate Focus announces a call for Middle East-related documentaries.


Palestinian Freedom fighter Marwan Barghouti is Arafat’s likely popular successor. Fatah Secretary-General (since 1994) and a key figure in both the first Intifada and the present Intifadat al-Aqsa, Marwan sits in an Israeli jail, sentenced last June 6 and serving five life sentences plus 40 years. Israeli and international progressives should raise two demands now loud and clear: for Barghouti’s immediate release from prison and for the protection of his safety wherever he is. There is a definite danger the Israeli government may decide to ‘eliminate’ him if they think he is the likely choice of the Palestinian masses.

Wife Of European Central Bank Chief, Tells IT The Way It Is Re: Israel And The Palestinia (tags)

Man, this woman tells it the way it is. Good for her. No mealy mouth, "tsk tsk" of Israel, just the harsh truth.She shows the same courage as the Dutch who hid Jews from the Nazis.

Address by Hanan Ashrawi at WCAR (tags)

Palestian Activist, Ms. Hanan Ashrawi, gave the following address at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa

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