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Veterans Administration For Vets (tags)

Veterans returning home from war sometime face a new enemy right here where fbi and police may seek to kill them.

Returning to California (tags)

Regrettably leaving the east coast radical frontlines.

Obstructing and Delaying Aristide's Return (tags)


Bizarre Developments in Haiti (tags)

more despotism planned


TONIGHT "WAR STORIES FROM WARD 7-D" airs on PBS ch. 28 8:30 pm!!

Slanders Against Protesters Nothing New (tags)

There’s nothing in the demonization of protesters. This book takes on and refutes the most enduring slander against the anti-war movement of the 1960s--the myth that protesters spit on returning veterans, a myth that the author shows emerged only after the fact, as part of the endgame to disappear the very real, very powerful, very embarrassing Vietnam veteran anti-war movement.

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