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Kiev Big Lie on Ending Donbas Conflict in Two Weeks (tags)


Kiev Fascists Murder Russian Journalist (tags)


FBI hosts child porn site for two weeks (tags)

FBI hosts child porn site for two weeks In only partially successful sting operation, agents actively distributed child porn


Good news! The US Congress extended their sessions for the next two weeks because the bailout bill was defeated in the lower house. For us this will a new window of opportunity to pass the SB 1315 with recognition and restored benefits for our WWI veterans. The next two weeks Sept 30-OCT 10, 2008 WILL BE CRUCIAL because the joint Congress conference committee will decide how to reconcile the two disparate bills- SB 1315 and HR 6897 that gives nothing to the Filipino veterans.

US "Warned" of Glasgow Attack 2 weeks ago.. (tags)

Was it a leak by the planners, lucky guess or good ole psychic precognition? Predictably, Iran & Syria being blamed by MSM. Setting up that casus belli..

Has Mumia's Favorite Cult Killed Again? (tags)

The Magic Bomb (tags)

This is the Faulking truth.

Yet ANOTHER person, a threat to Bush, ENDS UP DEAD!!! (tags)

CaptainMidnight and his merry band of stoned idots rides again.

Job Losses at Level of Great Depression (tags)

Job Losses at Level of Great Depression Contradict President Bush's Wishful Predictions

Job Losses At Great Depression Level (tags)

The wonders of Bushonomics on display for all. His Father may have been George Herbert Hoover Bush - does this make the current Bush Calvin Coolidge?

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