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Justice on Trial: Lynne Stewart's Appeal (tags)

police state

America v. Paul Bergrin in Court (tags)


Targeting Lawyers: America v. Paul Bergrin (tags)


Israeli Police State Crackdowns Against Palestinians (tags)


Systemic Injustice Against Sundiata Acoli (tags)


Political Prisoners in America: A Shocking Example of Mistreatment (tags)


Institutionalized Arab Inequality in Israel (tags)


Nine Obama Pardons Mock Equity and Justice (tags)

gross presidential hypocrisy

Attorney Richard I. Fine Released (tags)

Bogusly charged attorney released

Targeting Lawyers - The Case of Paul Bergrin (tags)

police state targeting of lawyers

U.S.Marines are "Valiant & Courageous"! (except answering for their dirty deeds! (tags)

TIKRIT, Iraq - Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering Iraqi detainees refused to testify Thursday at a military hearing, where witnesses described how one of the victims spat blood as he lay dying and another was covered in brain matter.

Soldiers ordered to kill all military age males (tags)

Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq said they were under orders to "kill all military age males," according to sworn statements obtained by The Associated Press.

MP's Lawyer: Translator Gave Orders (tags)

MP's Lawyer: Translator Gave Orders

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