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Puerto Rico Governor and Oversight Board Spar on Fiscal Plan (tags)

The certification of a plan to get Puerto Rico out of debt and back to economic growth was delayed again this week.

Obama's War on Syria Delayed, Not Deterred (tags)


Justice for Rachel Corrie Delayed (tags)



“ Claims Delayed, Justice Denied! The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), an alliance of veterans, widows, students and youth and community advocates in the United States based in Los Angeles again raised it voice against the insidious and unfair propaganda of the DVA against the Filipino World War II Veterans. It is the fault of the DVA that they only projected 18,000 veterans to be filing pension claims under the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund, and now nearly double that number -- or 32,795 applied? The JFAV scores the malicious insinuations of the DVA that “ This could indicate, according to analysts, that there may be spurious or incomplete claims being filed, or that some veterans may be submitting duplicate claims. “ JFAV bewail the fact they use this reason to say “these could be slowing down the application process. As early as 2002, JFAV has stood with the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) that were at least 70,000 still living Filipino veterans in the Philippines. But the DVA bulldozed their claims that there are only 18,000 veterans both in the US and the Philippines. Who now is telling the truth? Why are they surprised with the number of claims?

Nader People Proven Right Again (tags)

Local Nader supporters argued Obama would retreat on his promises while Los Angeles Progressive Democrats, names omitted, assured us that Obama wouldn't do that. The Nader people failed to predict that he would do so before inauguration.

Homeland Security bill delays rule for passports at borders (tags)

The full blown police state will be delayed by 17 months. Until you can visit Mexico and Canada with out a passport. Heil Hitler! Sorry I mean Heil Bush!

According U.S. defecation is now terrorism (by Latuff) (tags)

Article by Associated Press. Copyright-free cartoon by Latuff.

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